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Muradel has recently operated the Hydrothermal Liquefaction Machine (Sub Critical Water Reactor) to achieve steady-state operation at a pre-commercial scale using chipped car tyre crumb. Whilst laboratory analysis of the oil produced is still proceeding, we anticipate a very high percentage of conversion of rubber to biocrude. Meanwhile, refurbishment and modification of the Reactor, with the benefit of supporting funds from the State Government, will greatly increase efficiency and decrease energy and operating costs which already look to be commercially viable.

We are keen to hear from anyone wanting to partner in, lease or purchase our HTL technology.

The price of crude oil is still currently too low for commercially viable production of biocrude from sewage treatment biosolids but as the price of crude oil rises, we get closer to commercial viability.

High Protein Microalgae

With the assistance of Federal Government funding, we are nearing completion of Stage One in our quest to provide high protein, microalgae biomass to a client for use in specialty plastics making. Samples are currently being analysed in the first stage of a four-stage process to prove our product quality. We hope to commence scale-up towards commercial scale production this spring.

We are currently in talks with a client with the hope of being able to value-add the process of growing these microalgae through ‘polishing’ human effluent waste water, making it suitable for reuse or more environmentally friendly release to sea.

Research into the development of an available 200ha property for the growing of commercial scale algae has proven cost prohibitive however a much more suitable and cheaper site has been located and negotiation is underway to procure the site under a partnership agreement.

We are progressing with an exciting new microalgae research project aimed at increasing the growth rate of our Almix culture by a further 30 per cent. This would provide Muradel (and Australia) with a market advantage over Asian and American growers who constitute our current market competition.