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Muradel makes available three groups of products.

Crude Oil

For biofuels to be both commercially and environmentally sustainable there are three criteria that must be met. First, the biofuels must be energy positive where the energy produced from combustion of the biofuel must be greater than the energy used to produce it. Secondly, the use of the biofuel from creation to disposal (life-cycle) must have a smaller carbon footprint than a fossil crude oil derived equivalent fuel. And, thirdly the cost of the biofuel to the consumer must be on par with or less than a fossil crude oil derived equivalent.

Green crude is a hydrocarbon-based oil that can be used in oil-fired power plants or readily refined into transport fuels.

Unrefined green crude is in demand at oil-fired plants in remote locations or plants that provide peaking power at renewable energy installations including wind and solar. Renewable liquid transport fuels are in demand from organisations and consumers concerned about fuel security, the environment, and or the volatility of future fossil crude prices.

Green2BlackTM is commercially scalable, ready to serve the growing demand in Australia and globally for renewable “drop-in” transportation fuels which are compatible with existing fuel infrastructure.

A recent Life Cycle Assessment on the Green2BlackTM technology undertaken by the University of Queensland demonstrated that, for production of ‘green’ diesel from marine microalgae feedstock, the Energy Returned over Energy Invested (ERoEI) ratio is 20% higher and greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint is 30% lower than the conventional fossil diesel reference pathway.

The green crude produced from both marine microalgae and renewable biosolids are energy positive* and have reduced carbon footprints compared with equivalent fossil derived crude.

* Fuel prices in June 2018 render the production of biocrude from algae or biosloids not commercially viable without subsidy.


Muradel farms and harvests algae to extract valuable end-products including oleochemicals*.

We are keen to hear from organisations that would like to collaborate in research and production.

* Oleochemicals are chemicals derived from plant and animal fats.

Animal Feed

Algae can be farmed, harvested and concentrated into nutrient additives for stock feed.

Service Package

Using our Green2BlackTM technology, Muradel is available to evaluate customer specific feedstocks; optimise performance; report on conversion efficiency and provide end product specifications from hydrothermal liquefaction.

In parallel Muradel can tailor a Process Design package for your operations or application worldwide.

Technology Package

Muradel will continue with market development for equipment supply, co-products and licensing opportunities.

  • Licence to use SCWR and extraction technology at customer site
  • Supply of fully fabricated plant
  • Operational support
  • New SCWRs manufactured in Australia

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