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Our Project has both national and international significance providing technologies (Green2Black™) to produce renewable green crude from carbonaceous feedstocks.

Existing operations at the Muradel Demonstration Plant incorporate the Green2Black™ technology using various carbonaceous feedstocks. The innovative technology developed by Muradel is robust, durable and feedstock agnostic.

The Green2Black™ technology enables multiple renewable feedstocks to be processed to green crude allowing unrestricted deployment nationally and internationally. Depending of the specific feedstock type and location the required components of the Green2Black™ technology are deployable in urban, rural and remote locations.

Bio Solids

Our technology is of interest to the international municipal and agricultural wastewater industry. Any wastewater treatment plant, or group of plants that aggregate greater than 500 dry-weight tonnes of either primary and secondary sludges can readily accommodate Green2Black™. Whether it be a conventional or advanced wastewater treatment plant Green2Black™ can be readily integrated. Typically Green2Black™ would require a footprint of < 1 hectare, but can be configured to suit most situations. The products produced from Green2Black™ using sludges and biosolids as feedstock would include biocrude oil, fertilizers, pure CO2 and lightweight aggregates. The biocrude oil produced by Muradel can be fractionated to produce the complete spectrum of fuel products normally produced from a barrel of crude oil. The fertilizers are readily sold into the market, and the lightweight aggregates can be used in concretes or filler in composting processes. The CO2 produced is of high purity (>98% v/v) and has a wide range of uses. Green2Black™ provides a sustainable, long-term and cost-effective option for managing sludges and biosolids by converting them into commodities.

Two solutions in one! Green2Black™ combines sustainable sludge and biosolids management and the production of renewable biocrude oils within an integrated end-to-end process. Our unique solution centres on a continuous sub-critical water reaction that liquefies organic based feedstocks and converts them into sustainable biocrude oils. The major advantage that we offer is the ability to work with wet feedstocks with high solids concentrations. There is no need for drying the sludge and disposal is not required. For wastewater treatment managers challenged by sludge and biosolids disposal, our product is an integrated technological process providing a truly sustainable solution, both economically and environmentally. Depending on the crude oil price, up to 20% IRR has been achievable in producing 25ML of biocrude oil per annum.

Developing Sustainable Feedstocks

Tyres and Rubber
Muradel’s SCWR can readily convert rubber waste such as old tyres into biocrude. Pre-treatment of tyres is required, which includes removing inert materials such as steel and chipping the rubber into appropriate sizes that meet flow property specifications.

Typically a used tyre contains (by weight)
70% recoverable rubber
15% steel
3% fibre
12% other (recyclable) inert materials

Used tyres provide a sustainable feedstock for renewable products such as bio crude. The process of re-treading extends the lifecycle of a tyre but produces waste (tyre buffings) and tyres eventually become unusable. At this point management of used tyres becomes expensive.

The Green2Black™ process offers an economically and environmentally sustainable reuse opportunity. This process has huge implications for not only Australia (which has a poor track record in dealing with tyres) but all countries which are currently either disposing of tyres into land fill, burning the tyres or reclaiming them.