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Commencing as a biofuel from microalgae research company, we procured a sub-critical water reactor to extract green crude oil from algae in a process called hydrothermal liquefaction. Our success in enhancing this technology makes this a new stream of our business; we have proven the viability of converting end-of-life car tyres into biocrude.

Meanwhile the cost of algae based biofuel makes commercial production marginal at the current price of crude oil with which it has to compete. We have therefore diversified into the production of microalgae for livestock, human food and for the production of bio-plastics.


To realise our vision, Muradel has developed Green2BlackTM, an integrated suite of proprietary technologies for the production of green crude from a wide range of renewable wet feedstocks. Muradel’s Green2BlackTM technologies were designed and developed in South Australia.

The Green2BlackTM technology includes biomass production, pre-treatment and handling, concentration, conversion, extraction and fractionation from pilot to large-scale demonstration and early stage commercial activities. The Integrated Green2BlackTM technology produces the whole barrel of renewable crude and is protected by a suite of provisional, PCT and national phase patent applications.

The Green2BlackTM process comprises five key steps, which are either in operation at the Muradel Demonstration Plant (MDP) in Whyalla, South Australia, or are provided by supply chain partners:

  1. Feedstock access (primary production by Muradel or secure supply agreements with biomass producers)
  2. Feedstock pretreatment to produce a flowable slurry in water
  3. Conversion in a sub-critical water reactor, of organic matter in a slurry, into hydrocarbons
  4. Extraction of green crude from the reactor output
  5. Upgrading and fractionation of green crude to finished fuels


Muradels unique Sub-critical Water Reactor (SCWR) technology has been developing over the last 10 years. SCWR is used for hydrothermal liquefaction (T=350oC, P=200 bar), conversion occurs in a matter of minutes; is feedstock agnostic, durable and robust, and is able to receive carbonaceous feedstocks with relatively high inorganic content (e.g. marine microalgae and biosolids).

The technology is scalable, energy efficient and has patent-protected features which enhance the reactor’s durability.

We can design a HTL machine to meet our customer’s feedstock and product specifications and we have one plant operational and available for customers or research partners to experiment with. We make HTL machines available for purchase or lease.

Algae Ponds


Muradel farms and harvests microalgae and can grow them for diverse end-products such as oils, proteins, fibre, food and oleochemicals. We can operate at any scale from flask and bag cultures to 2, 20, 200 and 4,000 m2 raceway production ponds.


By incorporating mixing and settling in an electro-flocculation process, it has been possible to lower energy consumption to levels not available with standard technologies.


Muradel’s on-site, state of the art analytical laboratory is the nerve centre for chemistry and biology; providing research and development, and quality control support in the production of green crude and oleochemicals.