Demonstration Plant

The current project for Muradel's [MDP] with the benefit of supporting funds will constitute a plant upgrade in Whyalla, for integrated preliminary-scale capability to supply commercial green crude.
Muradel is now positioning for progressive scale-up activities and to aim for future commercial success, and will apply funds raised towards meeting the following objectives:

  • Upgrade Muradel Demonstration Plant infrastructure to integrate various feedstock storage alternatives, new modernised pre-treatment and extraction capabilities and to increase the production capacity.
  • To complete the demonstration of the Green2Black™ technology for processing of renewable biosolids at pre-commercial scale it is required to upgrade the MDP to include new modernised pre-treatment, expand the SCWR as found applicable, extrapolate the post-treatment and revised alternative extraction process. The SCWR is subject to some alternative development and can be expanded to 9 reactor tubes (as per the original design) to maximise the processing capacity or an alternative is to build a similar one in size to complement the proposed new production format.
  • Reach a proposed steady-state operations at pre-commercial scale
  • New product alternative in development and pursue further certification of the biofuel products from various renewable biomass.
  • Production of a commercially relevant volume of green crude for supply as a feedstock for supply of renewable diesel fuel to a large scale end-user
  • Finalise capital requirements and construction plans for a 200ha algae production facility to produce sufficient algae biomass to satisfy the new and revised Business Plan projections for algae production and Green2Black Technology advancement.

Achievement of these various alternative commercial milestones will add substantial value to the company and underpin subsequent capital raising to finance the construction of a commercial algae production and biofuels plant.

Commercial Plant

Research and investigations are continuing through 2017 into alternative biomass for the use in the SCWR Green2Black technology by developing more efficient uses for the kerogen output. Early days..!!
Building of a concise business case during 2017 for the development of the available 200ha property for the growing of commercial scale algae. The selection of algae strains depends upon commercial contract arrangements, various input from interested parties looking to invest, substantiating new market potentials and using proposed algae biomass as a basis for an alternative fuel source.