To realise the vision, Muradel has developed Green2BlackTM, an integrated suite of proprietary technologies for the production of green crude from a wide range of renewable wet feedstocks. Muradel’s Green2BlackTM technologies were designed and developed in South Australia.

The Green2BlackTM technology includes biomass production, pre-treatment and handling, concentration, conversion, extraction and fractionation from pilot to large-scale demonstration and early stage commercial activities. The Integrated Green2BlackTM technology produces the whole barrel of renewable crude and is protected by a suite of provisional, PCT and national phase patent applications.

The Green2BlackTM process comprises five key steps, which are either in operation at the Muradel Demonstration Plant (MDP) in Whyalla, South Australia, or are provided by supply chain partners:

  1. Feedstock access (primary production by Muradel or secure supply agreements with biomass producers)
  2. Feedstock pretreatment to produce a flowable slurry in water
  3. Conversion in a sub-critical water reactor of organic matter in the slurry to hydrocarbons
  4. Extraction of green crude from the reactor output
  5. Upgrading and fractionation of green crude to finished fuels